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OptiSile silage inoculants contain three strains of lactobacillus bacteria, which collectively out-compete any invasive bacteria and work in unison to ensure optimum ensiling of the forage throughout the initial fermentation, prolonged storage and feed out.

John Little (dairy farmer at Low Moor Dyke in Wigton) hasn’t looked back since switching to EnviroSystems’ OptiSile Extra silage inoculant back in 2019.

“We have a large clamp face and used to get secondary fermentation, but since switching silage inoculants we’ve seen stability in the pit and no secondary fermentation year-on-year.

“No matter what the weather brings the silage has kept stable with no waste – the cows eat every last bit,” says John.

A combined maize and wholecrop additive, which has been designed to deal with the high dry matter and starch content of maize and cereal crops is also available.  OptiSile Maize/WholeCrop includes higher concentrations of heterofermentative lactobacillus bacteria to provide extra air stability and added protection against mycotoxin producing fungi.

OptiSile additives can also now be purchased in our online store here.

For more information contact your regional sales manager on 01772 860085.