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Deliveries you can rely on this winter

The original paper bedding EnviroBed® which has been on the market since 2001 has now been transformed into the best quality bedding yet, 20 years on!

What’s New?

“We use 100% renewable energy and new high-grade sources of paper crumb,” she explains. “The EnviroBed Premium option includes virgin wood sawdust and micro-shavings to produce a fully sustainable bedding alternative.

“Along with gentle handing throughout the production process, this enables us to produce what we judge to be the closest to the perfect bedding material available for cow comfort and cleanliness.”

EnviroSystems claims “ultra-absorbency, higher by up to five and ten-times respectively than sawdust or straw.” The new EnviroBed range is biodegradable and compatible with all slurry and manure systems due to its neutral pH.

How’s it available?

  • Self-collection from Lancashire, Yorkshire or Gloucestershire sites
  • Artic walking floors and tippers
  • 8 wheelers
  • Large one-tonne tote bags
  • Palletised and shrink-wrapped 30 litre sacks.

The science

According to Dr David Townsend, head of research at Envirosystems:

“Bedding of a neutral pH is much kinder on the skin than highly alkaline and corrosive lime bedding. This means teat surface condition when using EnviroBed® is much improved and has fewer irritations, burns and cracks.

“Skin has evolved over millions of years to stop bacteria from entering our body, it’s the first and best line of defence we have against infection… so we designed EnviroBed® to work with the skin and protect it, rather than adding irritating, caustic chemicals that can compromise its integrity.”

What do farmers say?

Dairy farmer David Morgan at Gwerny Go in Powys who has used EnviroBed for 18 years says:

“In the early days once the paper bedding was tipped it tended to set, however it now flows freely – it doesn’t bridge like it used to, it never sets and is easily loaded.

We have also been using the same dispenser for many years and it is still going strong – a testament to the bedding!

All of this has been since Envirosystems started manufacturing the bedding themselves, in-house, and the quality has also been a lot more consistent since then.

We can’t recommend EnviroSystems and their bedding highly enough.”

To order your load of EnviroBed today call 01772 860085 or fill out an enquiry form and we will get back to you with prices and the best options for your farm.