About Envirosystems

EnviroSystems is a Lancashire based manufacturer and supplier of award winning livestock bedding (EnviroBed New and Premium), stay-cool silage inoculants (OptiSile), biological slurry inoculants (SlurryBugs, Crust Buster and Shift It), kind-on-skin teat care (EnviroCare Teat) and also the UK distributor of a revolutionary biological bedding additive (Cobiotex).

Where it started

EnviroSystems founder and director Liz Russell was born and raised on a dairy farm in Lancashire, in the North West of England. Liz launched EnviroSystems in 2001 to introduce a brand new type of bedding material to the farming market – as a cost effective alternative to straw and sawdust, the main options at the time. Since then the company has brought a number of products to the agricultural market.

EnviroBed is Born

Since the early days, EnviroBed has been helping farmers to control cell counts. It’s absorbency and high dry matter encourages cows to lie down for longer and produce more milk.

EnviroBed received a Queen’s Award for Innovation in 2006 for turning paper crumb waste material into a useful and extremely absorbent and hygienic bedding product.

The Next Generation EnviroBed Premium

EnviroBed has over 20 years of continuous improvement and added innovation. As a result it is now fluffier than ever and EnviroBed Premium with kiln dried sawdust is also available which had been requested by farmers over the years.

So if you tried our livestock bedding many years ago it’s well worth taking a look at a sample today, you can request a sample here. Improvements include utilising renewable heat to dry the bedding.

Available in Bulk and Bags

EnviroBed Original and Premium cubicle bedding are available from our distribution network at Foggs Farm in Lancashire, Lydney in Gloucestershire for self-collection, by the lorry load or small bags or Tote bags on pallets.

Feeding Slurry with Friendly Bacteria – SlurryBugs

Since we introduced SlurryBugs to farmers in 2003, and more recently Crust Buster and Shift-IT for more extreme situations, it has been helping to improve the quality of slurry in a natural way. As well as breaking down crusts, reducing smell and making slurry more homogeneous for more even spreading onto land, Slurry Bugs also retains nutrients for a higher fertiliser value slurry. We are very interested in looking at the effect using biological inoculants can have on slurry emissions and are currently researching this.

EnviroCare Teat Cleaners

To help maintain optimum teat skincare, softeners and moisturisers are also included. These draw moisture to the skin surface and trap it under the layer formed as the spray and dip dries, preventing the teat skin from drying out and cracking.

Committed to Farming

We are committed to continuing to work closely with livestock farmers and the on-going development of our ecologically responsible and high efficacy product ranges, including:


Your Success Is Our Success! As well as many trials and tribulations we’ve experienced as a company over the years as a family business – like on your dairy farm, we do have some things to shout about – to see what we’ve achieved take a look here.

The Enviro  Team

Over the years our team has expanded and we are now a 20 person strong team, ready to help farmers like you across the country. Click here to see our team members.