The BioCircle™ by Envirosystems

The BioCircle™ – Organisms, nutrients and chemicals flow one area to another. Everything is connected through the pH cycle on your farm.

Here at EnviroSystems, our company aim is to support the agricultural community with sustainable solutions. This involves combining our extensive experience in the agricultural sector with advances in technology to develop innovative solutions, based on scientific theory and proven with rigorous testing and experimentation. 

Sustainability forms a large part of our company ethos, and this extends onto our customers’ farms, where our range of products offer a holistic approach to modern day farming practices. This starts with our bedding products (Envirobed® and ComfyCrumb®) and our probiotic bedding additive (Cobiotex®) which are produced year-round at a neutral pH, and our topical animal care products (EnviroCare®) which are formulated with naturally derived active substances. This ensures both our bedding and wellbeing product ranges can be incorporated into slurry stores without disrupting the system’s bacterial populations. Our bacterial slurry inoculant range (SlurryBugs®) deals with even the most problematic of slurry storage systems, maximising your slurry fertiliser value and reducing environmental waste. Once this nitrogen rich slurry has been spread onto your crops, our range of silage additives (OptiSile®) maximise the nutritional feed value from a range of crop types, reducing your in clamp losses.

At EnviroSystems, we base all of our products on this circular economy model which we have called the BioCircle®. This puts farmers needs at the centre of our focus, and ensures that essential and valuable organisms, nutrients and chemicals flow from one area to another, providing maximum recovery and profitability for the farming community that we support.