Anti-crust potion for slurry retains plant nutrients and reduces smell

Just because most slurry stores develop a sludge base, liquid middle and crust on top, this is not inevitable. Not all towers and lagoons need lots of diesel burning before they can be emptied and nor do they have to annoy the district’s residents with a foul smell for days on end.

Instead, it is possible to maintain free-flowing liquid consistency throughout at the same time as reducing smell and retaining maximum plant nutrients.

The secret is trillions of vigorous friendly bacteria that digest the slurry’s fibre content, which otherwise floats to the surface and forms the crust.

These bugs also capture nitrogen, sulphur and other valuable plant nutrients, turning them into bacterial biomass. Farmers who understand how a cow’s rumen works will readily see the parallel.

So instead of pungent greenhouse gases like ammonia and hydrogen sulphide escaping into the atmosphere, they can be captured by friendly slurry bugs in what turns into a high value, easy flowing, liquid plant food.

They also aerate the liquid and make it much more friendly to soil microbes than much more typical anaerobic and septic slurries.

For seriously crusted stores, there is also a higher strength CrustBuster version.