Clean cattle, dry feet and better air quality…

Farmer-to-farmer comment: Clean cattle, dry feet and better air quality…

…are all good reasons for using ComfyCrumb bedding, according to Sion Williams near Corwen in Denbighshire. And that’s without accounting for huge cost savings compared with other materials, straw in particular.

The Williams family’s Stabiliser herd has 170 in-calf cows and heifers. Cows are housed in former dairy cow cubicles, into which fresh ComfyCrumb bedding is dispensed just once-a-month from an auger bucket.

In loose housed sheds, in-calf heifers and beef steers lie on layered beds of ComfyCrumb and straw, topped up alternately every couple of weeks with fresh material.

From both loose housing and cubicle passages, soiled material is removed to outdoor piles where it decomposes into a friable compost that spreads easily. Earthworms must love this because it disappears quickly into the soil.

Purpose-bred for efficient, profitable beef production

For anyone looking to expand or start a Stabiliser herd, high merit bulling heifers at a minimum 400kg liveweight at 14 months of age are available from Sion’s Cappele herd.

Among the 2020 season’s 150 cow and heifer calvings, he says not one of them needed night-time assistance. “There were a tiny few that we gave a bit of help in the morning, but only if we didn’t know how long they’d already been in labour during the night,” he says.

Easy calving and good mothering, rapid growth and efficient feed conversion on high forage diets, long bodies with high yield from the ribeye-fillet-sirloin section, and good locomotion with hard feet are all characteristics for which the Stabiliser breed continues to be developed.

Semen from Cappele Tirion, a “promising young sire with outstanding phenotypic correctness” according to the advertising, is being marketed by Cogent. He is a son of the well proven and popular Givendale Lorenzo who has produced over 700 progeny in the Stabiliser recorded population.

Tirion is in the top 5% of the breed for £-Finisher Index and the top 10% for £-Profit Index. “He will produce daughters with improved milking ability and is recommended for use on heifers,” Sion says. He is happy to chat about his experience working with the breed for the past 20 years, and lots of details can be found at stabiliser.co.uk.