Designed for cows, robots or humans…and why skin condition matters a lot for udder health

If you’ve ever suffered cracked or chapped skin on your hands – easily caused by dairy chemicals, for example – then you’ll know why skin care is so important for udder health.

Not only is damaged skin painful, it’s also always dirty.

So in addition to teat ends in good condition, smooth healthy skin on the teat body also plays an important part in each cow’s natural defences against mastitis bugs.

Of course, no teat spray or dip can compensate for overdue new liners or a milking plant service. But with these in place on professional dairy farms, your choice of teat spray/dip also plays a significant part in good udder health.

Designed for the wear and tear of any number of milkings per day, Unique is a new teat spray/dip that contains a human cosmetic ingredient used in nipple cream for breastfeeding mums.

It is equally suitable for voluntary milking units (robots) and three-times, twice or even once-a-day milking. And because an otherwise perfect spray/dip is worthless in clumsy hands, Unique’s distinctive blue colouring makes it easy to see where this one goes.

The formula is indeed unique, secret and cannot be copied. It offers non-antibiotic antimicrobial effects, with natural skin conditioning for soft supple teat condition.

Used after milking, there is no sticky residue that would attract soiling of teat ends. In can also be used as a pre-milking cleanser. Environmentally, Unique is non-toxic and biodegradable, so spills and drips have zero impact on slurry or drainage water.

This ready-to-use product is available in 200 litre or 20 litre drums.  

Worthy successor to blue spray for foot problems, skin wounds etc

The time is up for antibiotic blue spray. No doubt you’ll agree that, for sound reasons, it is no longer acceptable to apply antibiotics internally or externally without a vet’s diagnosis and specific prescription.

Clearly, this takes away an option on which farmers have relied for decades. To plug this gap, microbiologists here at Envirosystems have developed a gel and aerosol spray combination for applying to interdigital growths or wounds in the feet of cattle or sheep, pigs or goats, deer, llamas or alpacas. The spray is also suitable for a range of skin conditions, wounds and abrasions.

Both compounds offer non-antibiotic antimicrobial action with skin conditioning, and are formulated to encourage natural repair mechanisms. If you’re interested in trying these, please call our Farm Support Team and ask about EnviroHoof Gel and Spray.

Equal importance of teat-end condition and skin quality

An article in the respected US journal Progressive Dairyman points out that imperfect skin condition can cause agitation during milking, which it says will cause “…more manure splash onto teat ends, more kick-offs, more re-attaches and more cows leaving the parlor not milked out.”

It suggests that promoting better teat skin is like a 24-7 insurance policy on every teat in the herd. Read the full story here: