EnviroBed costs £1 per cow per week in Devon herd

Devon dairy farmers, father and son team of Aubrey and Edward Hosegood, say the one thing they would never change about the way they manage their cows is the bedding they put in their cubicles.

Envirobed is costing them less than £1 a week per cow and they say it’s helped cut their mastitis cases by 30% in just one year.

They use Envirobed livestock bedding manufactured by Envirosystems. As well as finding it the most cost effective and hygienic way of bedding the cubicles of their 115-cow herd, they have made even more savings since switching to Envirobed a year ago.

This summer has also seen dry cows bedded on Envirobed with the intention of maintaining an inert and hygienic environment for cows’ udders in the run-up to calving.

“Our vets reckoned some of our mastitis was being picked up in the dry cow period so we’re now using Envirobed for dry cows instead of straw. I believe that if cows get mastitis it’s my fault, so it’s up to me to change things to put it right,” says Aubrey.

Cubicles are bedded twice a day and Envirobed is maintained at a depth of about 0.25 inches.

“Envirobed is the most cost effective way to bed cows. It costs just a few pence a day to bed each cow,” says Aubrey 

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