EnviroBed cuts mastitis and gives ultimate comfort to cows

Mastitis cases have been reduced by almost 50% in the Cornwall herd of the Foote family who say using EnviroBed has played a big part in improving cubicle hygiene.

Robert Foote, who runs the 260-cow herd with father Simon and brother James, says EnviroBed is easy to use, absorbent and provides cows with a hygienic and comfortable bed.

“EnviroBed bed is really easy to use and we apply it twice a week to the beds. The cows love it.

“It keeps the beds very dry and we never have any problems with the slurry system getting clogged up. And the big advantage has been a reduction in our mastitis levels which are now very low.

“Last year we had 27 cases of mastitis; previously we’d have easily been at 40-50 cases,” says Robert of Chynoweth, St Allen, Truro.

The herd is housed all the year round and is averaging 9500 litres. “We milk three-quarters of the herd through robots but still run the rest through the parlour. There are always awkward cows so we prefer to keep milking them conventionally,” adds Robert.

Cows are visiting the robots 3.15 times a day and are fed a TMR diet based on grass silage, maize silage and lucerne.

The farm has been growing lucerne for about three years and last season harvested 70 acres. “It’s working really well in the diet and is helping us reduce feed costs by replacing some of the protein we’d be buying in as soya.

“It’s very palatable and the cows love it. We’re feeding about 8kg of lucerne per cow per day in the mix.”

For more information about EnviroBed call: 020 8895 6241. alternatively complete an enquiry form here