EnviroBed is unbeatable cattle bedding for cow comfort


“There is nothing to beat EnviroBed for cow comfort and cow health,” says Cumbria dairy farmer Mark Byers.

Mark has been using EnviroBed for over two years in the family’s 200-cow herd near Carlisle which used to be bedded on sawdust and then gypsum.

“We’ve never had a big problem with mastitis but since we changed to EnviroBed we very rarely get a case. Our mastitis is completely under control which is one of the significant benefits of using Envirobed,” says Mark.

“EnviroBed goes a lot further in terms of how much we use compared with other types of bedding. You get a lot more EnviroBed for your money than you would if you were buying sawdust. And because it’s so absorbent it lasts a lot longer.”

Even though cow numbers have been increased in the herd – and by this time next year the intention is to build up to 300 milkers – Mark says mastitis is now “a very rare thing”.

Most of the 200 cubicles are bedded once a day with the EnviroBed being evenly spread on top of rubber mats.

“Absorbency is one of the big benefits of EnviroBed in cow cubicles.  Sawdust just doesn’t compare. Cows really enjoy lying on Envirobed and you don’t get any of the sharpness that you get with sawdust or any of those little sores you see on cows bedded on sawdust.”

The herd is gradually switching away from Holstein and although there has been some cross breeding using Swedish Red and Brown Swiss, the decision has now been made to breed-up to a pure Brown Swiss herd.

“We’ve been very impressed with the way Brown Swiss genetics have influenced the herd so far. Our second best cow in the herd is a Brown Swiss x Holstein and she’s giving almost 60 litres per day on a twice a day milking. She’ll easily give 12,000 litres this time.

“We’re now sourcing some very high quality Brown Swiss genetics with tremendous fat and protein,” adds Mark.

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