Farmer-to-farmer comments tell a clear story

Text message received on 6th December from a dairy farm in Dorset: “Just to say I didn’t think I would see a cell count of 78 going from sand to paper.”  A few months ago, instead of topping up their deep sand beds with more sand, this farmer started using EnviroBed Premium as a surface layer on top of the existing sand base. The results: Clean cows; comfy beds; low cell counts; and no more sand in the slurry channels and store.

A beef rearer in Gloucestershire tells: “Saving a fortune in straw costs.” Layered with some straw in loose housing, EnviroBed Original’s 95% dry matter and blotting paper absorbency is soaking up moisture and keeping the bedding pack fresh, clean and dry for much longer than straw alone.

Both these farmers are willing to be identified. Just call us on 01772 860085 and we can put you in touch.