How teat care choices improve udder health and milk hygiene

Only a couple of months after switching to Unique for pre- and post-milking spray, teat ends and skin condition were already noticeably better, reports farm partner Robert Crawford at Longwood House near Bungay, Suffolk.

Over the same short period, he’s seen herd average cell count reduce to 170,000 cells/ml and fewer clinical mastitis cases. A simultaneous change of teat cleaning detergent also helped reduce TBCs from the mid-20s to 12.

Production is 10,000 litres sold per cow at 4.2% fat, 3.2% protein. All year round, about 100 cows are in-milk through two robots. Most cows are Holstein (TOPCROFT prefix), with a few LONGWOOD Ayrshires.

Robert switched to Unique having read about Adam Chippendale’s good experience in South Cumbria. “It is softer and nicer for the teats than iodine-based products we’ve used before,” he says.

Like Adam, the changeover was a simple job of flushing lines then filling the reservoir tank with new material.

Environmentally, Unique teat spray/dip is non-toxic and biodegradable, so spills and drips have zero impact on slurry or drainage water. This ready-to-use product is available in IBCs (1,000 litres) or 200-litre drums.

For more about Unique, please call our farm support team on 020 8895 6241 or read more on our Unique Teat Cleaner page.