Livestock Farming Efficiency Matters

Bags/bulk choice of performance bedding for many uses

If you’ve ever been interested in EnviroBed but unable to take delivery in bulk, we apologise and would like you to be among the first to know that this ultra-comfy, extra-dry, low-daily-usage bedding is now available in…

  • 2-metre tall tote bags; single or multiple per delivery
  • Shrink-wrapped pallets of 30-litre, easy-open, easy-spread sacks; individual pallet(s) or full loads.

Clearly, this option also suits existing EnviroBed users for smaller scale use on a second farm, for example:

  • Dry cows, in cubicles or groups, summer to winter
  • In-calf heifers or weaned youngstock, loose-housed or trainer-cubicles
  • Young calves in pens, igloos or mini-cubicles • Beef animals, most housing types, birth to finish.

MAX performance, LOW cost

This light and fluffy, high dry matter bedding has class-leading absorbency. So you only need to use a small quantity each week to keep livestock comfy and clean. In cost terms, this helps make it an affordable and highly competitive choice. With farmers’ help over a number of years, the EnviroBed formula has been developed so that, for example, it stays where you put it on the bed surface rather than blowing into slurry passages with the slightest breeze. This can only be achieved, we have found, using…

  • quality assured paper pulp (we do not buy from waste brokers) and virgin kiln-dried sawdust for inclusion in Premium Blend
  • high technology production processes
  • accurately controlled, moderate temperature drying, and
  • careful handling, delivery and storage

For your reassurance and confidence, all delivery options are available with..

  • reliable year-round availability
  • high quality assurance
  • no opportunistic price hikes, and
  • back up from your Farm Support Team member here

Low fly zone for summer-housed milkers

A number of farmers with all-year housed cows have observed much lower fly numbers in cubicle sheds when EnviroBed is used. A likely explanation is that this ultra-dry material is inhospitable to fly eggs (as well as mastitis pathogens, incidentally). Another observation for the very same reason is that air throughout the building feels drier and smells fresher. So even when it’s warm and humid outside, cows indoors are likely to be more comfortable and sweat less.

Save up to 1/4 on fuel costs

As the pre and post-treatment photos to the right show, little or no crust has been the experience of Pembrokeshire farmer Mr Jenkins since using SlurryBugs. He says:

“Since using the bugs it’s much easier to stir and the crust has gone. It has been good for the mixer, with less wear and tear. Filling tankers has been quicker and easier with no blockages.

Diesel usage has been reduced by 20-25% thanks to mixing at a much lower rev so less power has been required, all leading to significant savings on our farm.”

Retain more N, P & K in your slurry

As shown in the analyses below, Staffordshire organic dairy farmer Mr Cashmore has found improvements in the retention of N, P and K following treatment with SlurryBugs. At pH 7.4, the treated material is also good for soil health, supporting the ideal soil pH of 6.4. Typically, you want slurry pH to be one unit higher than the soil pH you’re seeking.

To learn how SlurryBugs can help achieve savings on your farm visit envirosystems.co.uk or call the friendly farm support team at EnviroSystems on 01772 860085.

“Looks like the bugs are having a party in our lagoon – bubbles everywhere!”

Mr Cashmore exclaimed after sending this Snapchat pic of his frothing lagoon (below) to our farm support Tanisha.

Top Tips for slurry spreading in multi-cut systems

Clearly, slurry’s high fertiliser value makes a great contribution to many silage crops, but it doesn’t come without snags. This is especially so with short intervals between crops in multi-cut or more conventional three cut systems when a handful of special measures is called for.

  • Otherwise, foliar contamination risks high pathogen levels on cut grass. This would not only produce a poor, possibly butyric, fermentation but also make cows unwell (or worse) if bugs like Listeria or Clostridia, for example, were present. So, please…
  • Don’t apply too thickly. If you get slurry analysed, an accurate application of N and K can be made using slurry and bag fertiliser in combinations. Better too light at 1,500gal/ac (17t/ha) and topped up from bags than spoiling the next cut.
  • Manage storage so that slurry is runny (no more than 6% dry matter) so it soaks in quickly.
  • Spread direct onto the soil surface with trailing shoe or dribble hose systems rather than spraying onto foliage. Recent research at Teagasc in Ireland, reported by William Conlon of the Irish Farmers Journal, found this nearly doubled grass yield over a four-week period (see panel, right).
  • Slurry N-richment by weekly dosing with SlurryBugs helps create EASYFLOW, QUICK’SORB material in the store, with more of the nitrogen in readily available form for fast and higher grass growth response.
  • Observe application limits (overall amounts, specific nutrients, and timings) required by the Environment Agency and/or any other relevant authority, public or private sector (eg a corporate landlord, perhaps).

Keeping an eye on the prize, slurry N-richment offers considerable benefits, including…

  • Serious cost savings from using less fertiliser, burning less diesel, and reducing machinery wear and tear.
  • Healthier soil because of treatment results in more aerobic (and fewer anaerobic) bacteria in slurry, which supports earthworms, invertebrates, and micro-organisms on which a fertile and productive soil depends.
  • Plentiful, high nutrient, high palatability grass. • Better neighbour relations once you stop fumigating the parish every time you spread slurry.

Cattle care convenience shopping

If purchasing online suits you for 24/7 convenience, the specialist farm inputs here are now available from https: envirosystems.co.uk/shop/

EnviroHoof Gel for Digital Dermatitis and other types of lesions or wounds on the heel and between claws of cattle feet. It is an ultra-sticky non-antibiotic gel containing chelated copper and zinc, along with advanced antiseptic and healing agents. Use in combination with the spray (next item) is encouraged, particularly the first treatment, and re-applications can be made as often as required. Some farmers also use the gel when disbudding calves, as local antiseptic and to promote healing at the disbudded site.

EnviroHoof Spray for Digital Dermatitis in conjunction with gel, or as a multi-purpose, multi-species application. For DD, cleaning then spraying the lesion applies an immediate antiseptic shock to microbial strains present, followed immediately with an application of hoof gel.

Cattle care convenience shopping If purchasing online suits you for 24/7 convenience, the specialist farm inputs here are now available from envirosystems.co.uk/shop/ This non-antibiotic spray contains chelated copper and zinc, along with advanced antiseptic and healing agents. In addition to hoof care, it is effective for treating a variety of cuts, wounds, abrasions and skin conditions in livestock and pets too. It can be used as often and the problem requires.

EnviroCare Unique teat spray/dip is designed for the wear and tear of any number of milkings per day. The unique formulation includes a human cosmetic ingredient used in nipple creams for breastfeeding mums. It provides nonantibiotic antiseptic activity, with skin conditioning for soft, supple, resilient teats.

A distinctive blue colour makes it easy to see that the spray or dip has covered the target area accurately. Environmentally, it is non-toxic, biodegradeable and compatible with slurry and drainage water.

For problem cows, there is a high potency Intensive Care variant of the main Unique Daily Use version. SlurryBugs- experienced users can now order online. Firsttime users are requested to consult with our Farm Support Team to help introduce the treatment successfully for maximum slurry N-richment and financial benefits.

If you have any product usage queries call 020 8895 6241.