NEW Shift It for liquefying thick crusts under slats and in blocked channels

By popular request we have developed the Slurrybugs Shift It formulation. Even stronger than CrustBuster, this is a biological treatment for liquefying underground tanks and blocked channels – a common problem with slats.

According to Sally Russell here at Envirosystems, Shift-It contains “a high concentration of sludge-digesting bacteria and fibre-melting enzymes.”

She says sludge blockages and residues are broken down and consumed as a nutrient source by trillions of vigorous friendly bacteria, converting nitrogen, sulphur and other plant nutrients into bacterial biomass.

A West Wales farmer whose large underground slurry tanks have been transformed is illustrated below:

Mr Evans (2nd left) with his Shift-It team and Sally Russell after sorting out the under-slats storage that had been seriously bunged up with sludge for several years at Parc-Cyndg Farm, Carmarthenshire.

Bubbling slurry following Shift-It treatment, viewed between two slats.