New ultra-hygienic ‘blotting paper’ bedding goes 40% further

A new dried paper pulp and sawdust bedding for cow cubicles has been launched, with a claim that it goes 40% further than a predecessor pulp-only version.

Early users of the new Envirobed Premium Blend report that the same quantity as one month’s supply of original material now lasts six weeks, says Liz Russell from Envirosystems.

“Blending dried pulp with high quality sawdust makes it more bulky, which enables it to go further,” she explains. “The new material is 95% dry matter and many times higher absorbency than wood shavings or sawdust, chopped straw or sand.

“Like blotting paper, it soaks up urine and leaked milk, helping keep udders clean and hygienic. Just like the original, it also stays put on cubicle beds.” Envirobed products are biodegradable and compatible with all types of slurry and manure systems. They are suitable for all dairy cow cubicles and as an absorbent base layer for straw-bedded loose housing for sheep, goats or youngstock as well as adult cattle.

bedding pile 2

The new bedding is available in bulk on eight-wheeler and articulated trucks with walking floors or tipper bodies. Recommended daily use is two litres per cubicle, costing 8-9p/day. The original Envirobed product won a Queen’s Award for Enterprise, in the Innovation category, for converting waste paper sludge into a hygienic bedding material for livestock.

Call Envirosystems today for more information on 01772 860085.

Premium blend bedding pile