New EnviroCare Teat Launch – UK Dairy Day 2021

New EnviroCare Teat Launch – UK Dairy Day 2021…

We are pleased to be exhibiting at the UK Dairy Day (Wednesday 15 September 2021, Telford), where we will be launching our new EnviroCare Teat Spray and Dip, with improved antibacterial and skincare properties.

EnviroCare Teat is designed for pre- or post-milking and is based on the broad-spectrum antibacterial action of lactic acid.

According to our in-house company biochemist Dr David Townsend, EnviroCare Teat uses natural, non-antibiotic ingredients to combat pathogenic bacteria including E coli and several species of Staphylococcus and Streptococcus, commonly found on dairy cow teats.

The formulation is buffered to maintain a pH level where lactic acid is most active. It also contains a natural surfactant, derived from coconut oil, “to help dissolve and remove dirt, oils and milk remnants from the teat end, further reducing the risk of bacterial contamination,” David Townsend explains.

“To help maintain optimum teat skincare, critical for udder health, we also include softeners and moisturisers. These draw moisture to the skin surface and trap it under the layer formed as the spray and dip dries, preventing the teat skin from drying out and cracking.”

“The correct viscosity is crucial in ensuring the product remains on the teat body following application, without forming a sticky residue which can lead to soiled udders and further sources of contamination. The dark blue colour makes checking for full and even coverage quick and easy.”

EnviroCare Teat is compatible with auto or manual spray systems in robots or parlours, and with teat dipping protocols. It is available in 1,000 litre IBCs, and 200 or 25 litre drums as ready-to-use or as 5x concentrate which are produced in-house at EnviroSystems, Barton Cross Park, Preston, Lancashire, PR3 5AX.

To find out how EnviroCare Teat can benefit your farm visit our stand H106 at the UK Dairy Day (our usual spot!) to find out more, or alternatively we’d love to hear from you on 01772 860085.