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A bacterial bedding additive which outcompetes pathogenic bacteria producing a more hygienic and controlled bedding environment.

Instructions For Use

Cobiotex 410 Absorbant is for use on clean and damp bedding (mats/mattresses,loose-housed and deep beds). Do not use in conjunction with lime or other disinfectants.


• For cubicles/ loose-housing, apply 200g/cow/week to the back third of the cubicle (under the udder)

• For calves and young stock, apply 100g/cow/week

• For straw-beds, initially apply 800g/cow on the floor and 800g/cow on top of the bedding, then top-dress 400g/cow/week

Goats & Sheep

• For adults in lactation, initially apply 40g/animal on the floor and 40g/animal on bedding, then top-dress 40g/animal/week

• For pregnant adults, initially apply 50g/animal on the floor and 50g/animal on bedding, then top-dress 50g/animal/week

• For kids/ lambs, initially apply 25g/animal on the floor and 25g/animal on bedding, then top-dress 25g/animal/week

What Is Cobiotex?

Cobiotex is a multi-strain bacterial bedding additive which forms protective biofilms over the bedding and cubicle surfaces. These biofilms out compete the growth of pathogenic bacteria, including those linked to mastitis (E. Coli, Staphylococcus, Streptococcus) and digital dermatitis (Treponema, Dicholeobacter) reducing the risk of these diseases spreading. The biologically controlled bedding environment created by using Cobiotex, means there is no need for irritating bedding additives (such as lime) and invasive mastitis/digital dermatitis treatments or antibiotic use is reduced. The bacteria in Cobiotex are commonly found on farm environments, meaning their introduction to animal housing causes no adverse health risks to humans, animals or downstream processes. To maintain this population dominance, the bacterial additives in Cobiotex must be regularly topped up. Cobiotex works with all bedding options, but is most active with neutral pH bedding, such as the EnviroBed range. The absorbent carrier in Cobiotex ensures a drier and cleaner bedding.

Benefits of Cobiotex

  • Reduces the risk of mastitis and digital dermatitis
  • Reduces cell counts
  • Reduces the use of antibiotics
  • Suitable for all bedding types
  • More absorbent for drier cleaner beds
  • Easy and quick to apply
  • Multi-strain bacteria so no risk of resistance

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