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Optisile® Extra 50T – Dispatched April 2024

Excluding VAT: £49.00

Including VAT (20%): £58.80


Key Features & Benefits

  • PAY IN APRIL 2024 - Select 'BACS' at Checkout
  • Each Pot Treats 50 Tonnes
  • Three-strain lactobacillus out-compete invasive bacteria
  • Rapid fermentation
  • Maximises nutrient preservation
  • Long-term protection against mycotoxin producing fungi and yeasts
  • Increased air stability during feed out
  • Organically approved
  • High palatability and safety
  • Suits a wide range of dry matters

More Details

The three strains of lactobacillus contained within OptiSile out-compete invasive bacteria to ensure optimum ensiling of the forage throughout the initial fermentation, prolonged storage in the clamp and feed out.

OptiSile® Extra is designed for the treatment of all types of grass silage. The three strains outcompete any invasive bacteria and fungi and work in unison to ensure optimum ensiling of the forage throughout the initial fermentation, prolonged storage and feed out. The higher concentration of Lactobacillus plantarum in OptiSile Extra allows the stronger buffering capability of grass to be overcome, and ensure a rapid pH drop to promote the initial fermentation. 

What is the difference between homofermentative and heterofermentative bacteria? Here’s why both are helpful for preserving your silage.

OptiSile® silage inoculants employ a triple strain bacterial approach to preserving your fresh forage for winter feeding to ensure optimum retention of nutritional value.

Why should I use a silage inoculant? 

Ensiling crops is fundamentally based on nutrient preservation to ensure a high-quality feed out of forage over the winter months.

Nutritionally, this means ensuring you maintain the dry matter of your silage in order to end up with the highest possible energy and protein values. This should help to achieve high palatability, intake and digestibility values ensuring the preserved nutrients are available to your cows.

By achieving this, it results in cows eating more forage, an increased nutrient intake, a higher milk-from-forage return, all whilst requiring less bought in feed, thereby offering a double return on investment.

OptiSile® silage additives help to ensure these objectives are achieved over a range of different crop types and dry matters. OptiSile® uses a unique combination of three bacterial strains to promote fast fermentation of the fresh silage, for a stable preservation. It also works to minimise the bacterial, fungal and yeast contamination which not only result in nutrient losses, but can pose serious health risks to your cows.

How do I apply the silage additive?

OptiSile® silage additives come in freeze-dried powder form and simply needs mixing with water prior to application. This makes it suitable for low volume application without wastage.