OptiSile Maize/Wholecrop


OptiSile® Maize/Wholecrop is a biological inoculant designed to provide extra air stability and added protection against mycotoxin fungi for maize and cereal crops.

£1.25 per treated tonne

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Key Features & Benefits

  • Rapid fermentation actively inhibits invasive bacteria (clostridia/listeria)
  • Increased stability during feed out
  • Suits higher dry matters
  • Maximises nutrient preservation
  • Minimises dry matter and protein losses
  • Long-term protection against mycotoxin producing fungi and yeasts
  • High palatability
  • Treats 100 tonnes per pot/sachet
  • Organically approved

Additional information

Weight 0.15 kg


Product Type

Silage Inoculants



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