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Why get your slurry analysed

Our analysis service is designed to help farmers fully understand what they have and how it can be used. Our analysis is carried out by NRM laboratories, but we then interpret the data they produce and package it up into a user-friendly format, to make understanding it easier for the farmer. 

We rate your slurry data against the RB209 range, and give it a rating of High, Average or Low. We then colour code these ratings to make it easy to see whether a value outside of the recommended limits needs to be monitored, or responded to urgently. We then convert the raw data into spreading rates of kg/m3 or lb/1000 gallons, meaning it’s easy for farmers to calculate how much they need to spread, using whichever format they are comfortable with.

We also calculate the amount of Nitrogen in plant available forms, and give this a rating against the RB209 standard ranges, and an approximate m3 volume that would replace 1 tonne of ammonium nitrate. Finally, we calculate the approximate N-P-K ratio of your slurry, making it easy to see whether you have an unbalanced organic fertiliser.

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At EnviroSystems, we know the value of Slurry and work with our customers to try and maximise its value as an organic fertiliser. To do that, farmers need to understand exactly what is in their slurry to determine application rates, ensure they are keeping within the RB209 limits, and to calculate how much bought-in fertiliser they need to top up their fields with.

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