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SlurryBugs Crust Buster 1KG Pot

Excluding VAT: £154.00

Including VAT (20%): £184.80

Key Features & Benefits

  • Establish high bacterial activity in newly treated systems
  • Break down tough, problematic crusts and liquify slurry
  • Improve the slurry’s fertiliser quality and value
  • Mobilise Nitrogen (N), Phosphorous (P) and Potassium (K)
  • Reduce bought-in fertiliser costs

More Details

Everything you need to know before you buy SlurryBugs...

Which SlurryBugs Product Should You Buy?

SlurryBugs - Bacterial slurry additive which breaks down the solid content producing a more homogenous and nutrient rich fertiliser.

Crust Buster - Crust Buster SlurryBugs are suitable for tackling crusting issues with dairy slurry or for standard treatment of Beef, Young Stock, Sheep or Pig slurry.

Shift-It - Shift-It SlurryBugs are the strongest in our range and are suitable for tacking problematic slurry such as blockages.

Multi-buy discounts are available for 5, 10, 15 and 20+ units across the range.

SlurryBugs™ is a unique combination of enzymes and bacteria. Enzymes break down the crust’s fibre to make nutrients accessible for the bacteria to absorb, fuelling them to multiply many millions of times. Where a crust is particularly impressive, the CrustBuster™ formula is available. Plus for extremely stubborn slurry which is causing blockages we have our super concentrated Shift-It. Need help? Contact our farm support team today on 01772 860085.

How Many Pots Do You Need?

For initial application for each 450,000 litres of stored slurry 1 pot is required, following that every 100 cows housed indoors requires 1 scoop of SlurryBugs a week (200 cows – 2 scoops, 300 cows – 3 scoops and so on). Each pot contains enough SlurryBugs for 10 scoops.

For example, if you have 900,000 litres of slurry stored and 300 cows housed indoors you will need a total of 4 pots of SlurryBugs to see you through a month. 2 x pots for the initial treatment and 2 pots for the ongoing treatment which requires 12 scoops (1.2 pots) over 4 weeks.

Where a crust is particularly impressive, the super concentrated CrustBuster™ formula is called for.

This extra concentrated SlurryBugs formulation is for start up applications and extreme crust situations. In addition to more bugs, it also contains extra SlurryBooster micronutrients that create turbocharged performance of SlurryBugs bacteria.

Once the crust has been dealt with, switching to SlurryBugs (MORE INFORMATION here) will prevent it ever coming back.

Exact usage depends on your specific farm system, so please call the team on 020 8895 6241 to find out more.

From leap-of-faith to mainstream culture

In the dim and distant past, producing a high value nutritious food by adding just a few drops of bacterial culture to a vat of milk would have looked like a magic trick. Today, yogurts are mainstream products in millions of people’s shopping.

In the not too distant future, a similar thing will apply to using SlurryBugs culture to convert crusted, foul-smelling, septic slurry into a healthy, free-flowing plant food, a bit like several thousand gallons of BabyBio® for grassland.

Some farmers already get this. More are joining them each week. Are you ready to witness the magic of SlurryBugs?

®Baby Bio is a registered trademark of Bayer CropScience Ltd.

FREE slurry analysis

Using SlurryBugs doesn’t call for an act of blind faith. To back up the claims we make, free slurry analysis is available to every SlurryBugs customer.

We send you a test kit. You send us a sample. We analyse it and send you the results. You use them to reduce your fertiliser costs.