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SlurryBugs Shift-It 1KG Pot

Excluding VAT: £205.00

Including VAT (20%): £246.00

Key Features & Benefits

  • Keep problematic slurry systems flowing
  • Reduce the risk of blockages in narrow channels with minimal fall
  • Improve the slurry’s fertiliser quality and value
  • Mobilise Nitrogen (N), Phosphorous (P) and Potassium (K)
  • Reduce bought-in fertiliser costs

More Details

Everything you need to know before you buy SlurryBugs...

Which SlurryBugs Product Should You Buy?

SlurryBugs - Bacterial slurry additive which breaks down the solid content producing a more homogenous and nutrient rich fertiliser.

Crust Buster - Crust Buster SlurryBugs are suitable for tackling crusting issues with dairy slurry or for standard treatment of Beef, Young Stock, Sheep or Pig slurry.

Shift-It - Shift-It SlurryBugs are the strongest in our range and are suitable for tacking problematic slurry such as blockages.

Multi-buy discounts are available for 5, 10, 15 and 20+ units across the range.

SlurryBugs™ is a unique combination of enzymes and bacteria. Enzymes break down the crust’s fibre to make nutrients accessible for the bacteria to absorb, fuelling them to multiply many millions of times. Where a crust is particularly impressive, the CrustBuster™ formula is available. Plus for extremely stubborn slurry which is causing blockages we have our super concentrated Shift-It. Need help? Contact our farm support team today on 01772 860085.

How Many Pots Do You Need?

For initial application for each 450,000 litres of stored slurry 1 pot is required, following that every 100 cows housed indoors requires 1 scoop of SlurryBugs a week (200 cows – 2 scoops, 300 cows – 3 scoops and so on). Each pot contains enough SlurryBugs for 10 scoops.

For example, if you have 900,000 litres of slurry stored and 300 cows housed indoors you will need a total of 4 pots of SlurryBugs to see you through a month. 2 x pots for the initial treatment and 2 pots for the ongoing treatment which requires 12 scoops (1.2 pots) over 4 weeks.

SlurryBugsTM Shift-It is a powerful formulation of freeze dried bacteria and specific enzymes to keep slurry liquid. Ongoing usage of SlurryBugs Shift-It means narrow channels and channels with minimal fall will work significantly better at delivering slurry into the lagoon.

Crust build up in channels causes major handling problems and is a potential breeding site for flies. Keeping the slurry liquid and homogeneous on a day to day basis is vital for efficient slurry handling, nutrient preservation and  controlling odour.