An economical screw pressed paper crumble bedding for non-lactating cattle, pigs and sheep. 

  • Made from 100% recycled paper
  • Suitable for loose housing or deep bedded cubicles
  • Ultra-soft texture and highly absorbent
  • Neutral pH of 7.4 for improved skin comfort
  • Biodegradable and suitable for slurry store systems
  • Prevents ammonia release and discourages flies


Store indoors in clean and dry conditions, in a stack no higher than five feet.


ComfyCrumb is only delivered in bulk (artic, walking floor, 8 wheeler). All orders include payment for shipping and an admission fee.

How do I apply ComfyCrumb?

There are many ways farmers use ComfyCrumb, and it is usually about what works best for your farm system, however some recommendations for usage are: 

  • Start off with 3 inches of bedding and top up over time up until 1 foot is covering the surface area.
  • Start off with 4 inches of bedding and then apply straw on top and keep topping up on straw, this will make both the bedding and straw last longer.
  • Apply around 6 inch to 1 foot of ComfyCrumb on the surface area. This depth allows the bedding to dry out on top and then there is enough depth for the urine to drain through to the bottom.

It needs managing so if you can go in with a rake (silage grab forks work just as well) and turn the bedding occasionally. Top up every couple of days (3-4 days). 

*Also remember to keep the feed passage clear at all times when topping up bedding.

Interested in a quote? Our farm support team will advise how best to use it in your system, just call 01772 860085.

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ComfyCrumb is made using the highest grade paper crumble, a raw by-product of the paper making industry, paper which is typically spread on land, sent to landfill, or incinerated in large quantities. Instead, we take this highly pure and clean material and redirect it into animal bedding without any further treatment, making ComfyCrumb our most sustainable, environmentally conscious, and cost effective bedding material.

The material is screw pressed to ~50% dry matter content, which is the optimum dry matter for a balance between a high absorbency capacity, and an ultra soft texture. The high
absorbency means that urine is quickly absorbed into the bedding, reducing the amount of ammonia given off by soiled bedding, meaning that fewer flies are attracted to the area. It has a lower dry matter than some of our other products which means that ComfyCrumb has very little dust content, and can be applied to a range of cubicle or stall applications, without any loss of material.

As with all of our bedding products, ComfyCrumb has a neutral pH (~7) and does not require the addition of lime or other chemicals. This ensures that the bedding is kind on skin with
no caustic irritation or corrosive properties even from prolonged exposure. This combined with the softness of the optimum dry matter means that animals are more likely to spend time
lying down and preserve their energy. The pH also makes the bedding suitable for addition to slurry storage systems or AD plants without disrupting the bacterial populations essential for the breakdown and retention of nutrients or maximising biogas production.

Farmer Comment

“Clean cattle, dry feet and better air quality are all good reasons for using ComfyCrumb bedding…” says Sion Williams, near Corwen in Denbighshire

The Williams family’s Stabiliser herd has 170 in-calf cows and heifers. Cows are housed in former dairy cow cubicles, into which fresh ComfyCrumb bedding is dispensed just once-a-month from an auger bucket. In loose housed sheds, in-calf heifers and beef steers lie on layered beds of ComfyCrumb and straw, topped up alternately every couple of weeks with fresh material. From both loose housing and cubicle passages, soiled material is removed to outdoor piles where it decomposes into a friable compost that spreads easily.


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