Want to replace expensive straw? It can be done, with ComfyCrumb

ComfyCrumb is an economical bedding option for all non-lactating cattle, pigs and sheep. It can be used in loose housing or deep bedded cubicles, alone or in combination with straw or sawdust to make them go further.


  • 100% recycled paper crumble bedding
  • Screw-pressed to a  50%+ dry matter
  • Neutral pH of 7.4 for improved skin comfort
  • Discourages flies
  • Biodegradable
  • Contracts available and a year round supply you can rely on


Store indoors in clean and dry conditions, in a stack no higher than five feet


Delivered direct to farm on artic tippers, walking floors and 8 wheelers

Interested in a quote? Our farm support team will advise how best to use it in your system, just call 01772 860085.

Farmer Comment

“Clean cattle, dry feet and better air quality are all good reasons for using ComfyCrumb bedding…” says Sion Williams, near Corwen in Denbighshire

The Williams family’s Stabiliser herd has 170 in-calf cows and heifers. Cows are housed in former dairy cow cubicles, into which fresh ComfyCrumb bedding is dispensed just once-a-month from an auger bucket. In loose housed sheds, in-calf heifers and beef steers lie on layered beds of ComfyCrumb and straw, topped up alternately every couple of weeks with fresh material. From both loose housing and cubicle passages, soiled material is removed to outdoor piles where it decomposes into a friable compost that spreads easily.


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