EnviroBed Economy

This product can be used in loose housed pens for heifers and beef animals, also covered yards.  It would also work under straw for baby calves.
Apart from mats and mattresses, this product is very versatile.  It would even be suitable for concrete cubicles because it would form a warm paper layer on the concrete.  Many calves, heifers and bullocks are kept in this system.


    • 95% DM
    • For use on top of sand or on a deep bed system
    • Prices from £45 per tonne + Haulage
    • Very versatile, can be used in concrete cubicles, covered yards, under straw  and in loose housed pens
    • Not to be used with Mats and Mattresses

Why should I use EnviroBed?

The high dry matter of 95% has a greater absorption capacity than competitive bedding materials, meaning less bedding is needed in each cubicle. The bedding readily absorbs urine and leaked milk, reducing the interest from flies and ensuring a cleaner cubicle, and crucially, more hygienic teat ends.

EnviroBed has a neutral pH of 7.4 which ensures that it is soft on skin, reducing the risk of teat skin irritation and corrosion which is commonly observed with strong alkaline bedding, such as lime-based products. Whilst lime-based bedding products tackle the bacteria in the bedding material directly, EnviroBed instead prioritises a healthy and intact teat skin surface, preventing pathogenic bacteria which are naturally present on the farm and in cattle manure (E.Coli, Streptococcus, Staphylococcus) from penetrating the skin barrier and entering the teat body where they can lead to infection.

The neutral pH of EnviroBed also means it can be incorporated into slurry storage and AD systems without indiscriminately killing the beneficial bacteria which are breaking down the
manure into spreadable, nutrient rich fertilizer, or producing valuable biogas.

The cattle bedding is easy to dispense, stays put well on cubicles in open, breezy housing and is compatible with slurry systems.


EnviroBed livestock bedding is produced by EnviroSystems and delivered direct to farm on artic tippers, artic walking floors and 8 wheelers. It is also available in tall tote bags and small bags on pallets with self collection options available.

Organic Status:

EnviroBed is verified by the Soil Association and Organic Farmers and Growers for use on organic farms and is quality tested for quality assurance.

Watch EnviroBed being made at our renewable heat site Fogg’s Farm in Lancashire:

How it works:

EnviroBed provides a soft, skin friendly, comfortable bed which ensures good teat health and prevents bacteria internalisation and infection.

Many of the antimicrobial bedding products available to farmers involve killing the pathogenic bacteria it comes into contact with by producing conditions under which the bacteria can not survive. This usually involves highly alkaline conditions (pH 10+) caused by the addition of lime, caustic soda (hydroxides) or bleach products (hypochlorite or peroxides). However, these conditions are equally as unpleasant to skin, and with cows lying on the bedding material for prolonged periods of time, these corrosive chemicals can lead to irritation and damage to the teat end. Once the skin is damaged, mastitis causing bacteria (E.Coli, Streptococcus and Staphylococcus) which are naturally present in the farm environment can readily enter the body, leading to infection and inflammation of the teat end, resulting in mastitis.

EnviroBed has a proven history of reducing mastitis, without having any active antimicrobial properties in itself. The bedding contains dried paper which does not have any antibacterial activity, nor is the pH so extreme that bacteria cannot survive. Instead, the anti-mastitic properties of Envirobed come from the reduced irritation and skin damage to teat ends.

The neutral pH does not damage, corrode or cause abrasion to the skin barrier, meaning the natural population of bacteria will still be present on the outside of the teat, but cannot permeate the skin barrier and cause inflammation inside the teat body. These bacteria will then be removed every time the teat end is cleaned pre/post milking, because they are only sitting on the surface of the skin and can be easily washed away.

The longer a cow spends lying down in comfort, the less energy is wasted on movement and the more of those nutrients can be used to produce milk. A comfortable bed with no irritation or corrosion of the skin should increase the length of time a cow is happy to remain laid down.

Farmer Scenario: Skin has evolved over millions of years to stop bacteria from entering our body. It’s our first and best line of defence we have against infection….so it needs protecting and avoiding contact with irritating, corrosive chemicals which can compromise its integrity. You wash your hands with antimicrobial soap after handling all sorts of bacteria ridden waste on
the farm and you never get an infection. If you have a deep cut on your hand, bacteria can readily penetrate into the internal tissue and cause an infection, and the soap alone is unlikely to kill all
of these bacteria. The bacteria will remain and the infection continue until it is treated internally with antibiotics. The same is true to cow teat ends, but instead of cuts, regularly lying on
corrosive, highly alkaline lime-based bedding causes irritation and tiny abrasions to the teat skin, providing the entry point for bacteria to infect the teat.

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Cleaner, more comfortable cows…just good old fashioned stockmanship

Increasing numbers of farmers who really care about cow comfort and cleanliness are turning away from the various shortcomings of straw, sawdust, shavings, sand and recycled manure solids for cubicle bedding.

These farmers aren’t doing this because it’s fashionable, or an industry expert said they should, or even some new university research has been published. They’re doing it because they know – deep down in their stockmanship subconscious – that it’s simply the right thing for their cows.

It honours an old fashioned rule that will always hold true, through good and hard times alike: You look after your cows, and they’ll look after you.

A significant turning point appears to have been the launch in early 2016 of Envirobed Premium, the combination of dried paper crumb and premium quality sawdust.

These two materials create the closest so far to the perfect bedding material for today’s cow housing. It is ultra-high absorbency – 5x more than sawdust, 10x more than straw – mopping up urine and leaked milk to keep udders and teats clean.

Rather than being dragged into the slurry passage, which is a commonplace observation by farmers about wood shavings or sawdust, it stays where it’s put on cubicle beds. Together with extra fluffiness created by the sawdust, this also means the material goes further than either dried paper crumb or sawdust on their own.

Costing as little as 9-10 pence per cow, typical daily usage is about two litres per cubicle.

To match growing demand, new manufacturing facilities are being developed in a number of rural locations – including some farms – around the country, one aim being to keep transport costs as low as possible. The drying techniques are designed to create just the right combination of physical properties: Absorbency, cow comfort and on-cubicle retention.

To find out more about EnviroBed and Premium Blend, please call 01772 860085. and we’ll be happy to advise or send out a large free sample so you can take a look for yourself.

What farmers say about EnviroBed

“We have used EnviroBed for many years and find its high absorbency and staying where it’s put on cubicle beds are vital to maintaining low mastitis incidence and somatic cell counts.”

– John Yeoman, Y Farms, Somerset​


“I switched to Premium Blend after using EnviroBed for four years and it is the best thing you’ve done for our pockets! Each load is lasting far longer – we used to use 2 buckets per passage and now we’re only using 1 for the same coverage. Like EnviroBed, it’s comfortable for the cows, helps keep mastitis at bay and doesn’t blow about.”

– Craig Bentley, The Gables, Thirsk


“Premium Blend is the best bedding I’ve used for a long time. The cows like it, it stays on the beds and it’s lasting far longer than other bedding products I’ve used before.”

– Charles Morley, New House Farm, Derbyshire


“We put fresh EnviroBed on the cubicles three times a week. Cows are not only very comfortable on the bedding but they are much healthier. I’m sure the bedding contributes towards our low levels of mastitis.”

– Richard Harrison, Hyndford Well, Peeblesshire


At Oxclose farm, Northallerton, animal comfort and cleanliness are paramount in pursuit of high performance and excellent udder health for farmer Neil Bellerby. Neil says: “EnviroBed’s high absorbency and cushion consistency made a significant contribution. I have recently switched to Premium blend and you can tell that you’re getting more for your money. Thanks to the bigger volume it works out cheaper overall.

– Neil Bellerby, Oxclose Farm, North Allerton


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