EnviroBed® – New and improved formula

EnviroBed® is made from 100% recycled paper crumble and dried to 95% dry matter using renewable heat, providing a sustainable livestock bedding for use on farms.

Ideal for use as dairy cow bedding, or other types of livestock, EnviroBed® provides a highly absorbent, comfy bedding option which is available all year round.


    • Highly absorbent (5x more than sawdust, 10x more than straw)
    • Absorbs urine and leaked milk quickly, leading to more hygienic livestock and cubicles
    • Neutral pH for improved skin comfort and less teat irritation
    • Prioritises healthy, undamaged teat surfaces to reduce bacteria internalisation [learn about the science below in Read More]
    • Suitable for use on mats, concrete cubicles, loose housing and deep beds
    • Incorporates into slurry stores and AD systems without disrupting bacterial activity

EnviroSystems’ cattle bedding is easy to dispense and stays put well on cubicles in open, breezy housing.


EnviroBed® livestock bedding is produced by EnviroSystems and delivered direct to farm on artic tippers, artic walking floors and 8 wheelers. It is also available in tall tote bags and small bags on pallets with self collection options available.

How much does EnviroBed® cost?

Costing from as little as 9-10 pence per cow, typical daily usage is about two litres per cubicle.

Organic Status:

EnviroBed® is verified by the Organic Farmers and Growers for use on organic farms and each load is quality tested for quality assurance.

Take a look at farmer’s experiences of EnviroBed® in the Read More section below and you can watch some video testimonials here.

Trusted bedding quality you can rely on for your farm and animals:

EnviroSystems first introduced EnviroBed® to the dairy farming market in 2001 as the first tried and trusted kiln-dried paper bedding of its kind available to British dairy farmers. With over 20 years of continuous relationships with UK paper mills we can guarantee the best paper-based raw materials for the highest quality paper bedding.

EnviroBed® won a Queens Award for Enterprise in the Innovation category in 2006 for establishing the process of successfully converting waste paper into a useful and hygienic bedding material for dairy cows. Since then, EnviroSystems has strived to enhance bedding quality through improved raw materials and 100% renewable drying processes. We continue to innovate our bedding for quality, consistency and fibre content and loads are continually tested for quality control.

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To find out more about EnviroBed please call 01772 860085 and we’ll be happy to advise or send out a large free sample so you can take a look for yourself.

Read More

Benefits of using EnviroBed and moving away from lime on your cubicles

Many of the antimicrobial bedding products available to farmers involve killing the pathogenic bacteria it comes into contact with by producing conditions under which the bacteria can not survive. This usually involves highly alkaline conditions (pH 10+) caused by the addition of lime, caustic soda (hydroxides) or bleach products (hypochlorite or peroxides). However, these conditions are equally as unpleasant to skin, and with cows lying on the bedding material for prolonged periods of time, these corrosive chemicals can lead to irritation and damage to the teat end. Once the skin is damaged, mastitis causing bacteria (E.Coli, Streptococcus and Staphylococcus) which are naturally present in the farm environment can readily enter the body, leading to infection and inflammation of the teat end, resulting in mastitis.

EnviroBed has a proven history of reducing mastitis, without having any active antimicrobial properties in itself. The bedding contains dried paper which does not have any antibacterial activity, nor is the pH so extreme that bacteria cannot survive. Instead, the anti-mastitic properties of EnviroBed come from the reduced irritation and skin damage to teat ends.

The neutral pH does not damage, corrode or cause abrasion to the skin barrier, meaning the natural population of bacteria will still be present on the outside of the teat, but cannot permeate the skin barrier and cause inflammation inside the teat body. These bacteria will then be removed every time the teat end is cleaned pre/post milking, because they are only sitting on the surface of the skin and can be easily washed away.

The longer a cow spends lying down in comfort, the less energy is wasted on movement and the more of those nutrients can be used to produce milk. A comfortable bed with no irritation or corrosion of the skin should increase the length of time a cow is happy to remain laid down.

It honours an old fashioned rule that will always hold true, through good and hard times alike: You look after your cows, and they’ll look after you.

What farmers say about EnviroBed

“We’ve used EnviroBed from EnviroSystems mainly on the heifers for over 10 years now. It does a good job and keeps them clean and dry.” Gold Cup winner John Torrance, Battles Hall, Romford (2020 NMR/RABDF Gold Cup winner)

“EnviroSystems is by far the best company we deal with! We’ve been using EnviroBed for 18 years and we have always felt the family values – both looked after and listened to as a farmer and customer. They are always on the ball and the bedding comes when we need it. If there is ever a problem, it is sorted quickly, and it would only take one phone call – things are always chased up after and never left. This means I can rely on supply and there’s one less thing to chase up on our farm – saving us time and energy!” –  David Morgan, Gwerny Go in Powys

“Using EnviroBed has definitely made our beds more comfortable as the cows are lying down for longer. We use the bedding on our dry cows and heifers as it stays on the beds really well. EnviroBed creates a soft layer on the concrete heifer cubicles which is very absorbent, keeping the cows clean and dry. We bed up the heifers every other day so it saves us time and cost.–  Stephen Rowbottom, Shepherds Dairy, Garstang, Lancashire


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