EnviroBed Premium

For something so simple, cubicle bedding has a demanding list of qualities to satisfy:

  • Comfy surface for cows to lie on
  • Absorb urine and leaked milk, keeping cows clean (5x more absorbent than sawdust, 10x more than straw)
  • Unhelpful to mastitis bacteria
  • Quick and easy to dispense, only every few days
  • Suit the slurry handling system
  • Unsuitable breeding ground for flies
  • Ideal 7.4 pH to discourage pathogens
  • Help achieve ideal slurry pH – 7.4
  • Approved for use in organic systems
  • Availability you can rely on, at affordable cost

Most bedding materials fail at least three of these. One exception is EnviroBed Premium. It is available year round for delivery on eight wheelers, articulated tippers and articulated walking floors. It has been developed and made in the UK from UK sourced materials for the highest quality assurance. For advice on the most suitable EnviroBed system for your farm, please call today: 01772 860085.

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Cleaner, more comfortable cows…just good old fashioned stockmanship

Increasing numbers of farmers who really care about cow comfort and cleanliness are turning away from the various shortcomings of straw, sawdust, shavings, sand and recycled manure solids for cubicle bedding.

These farmers aren’t doing this because it’s fashionable, or an industry expert said they should, or even some new university research has been published. They’re doing it because they know – deep down in their stockmanship subconscious – that it’s simply the right thing for their cows.

It honours an old fashioned rule that will always hold true, through good and hard times alike: You look after your cows, and they’ll look after you.

A significant turning point appears to have been the launch in early 2016 of Envirobed Premium, the combination of dried paper crumb and premium quality sawdust.

These two materials create the closest so far to the perfect bedding material for today’s cow housing. It is ultra-high absorbency – 5x more than sawdust, 10x more than straw – mopping up urine and leaked milk to keep udders and teats clean.

Rather than being dragged into the slurry passage, which is a commonplace observation by farmers about wood shavings or sawdust, it stays where it’s put on cubicle beds. Together with extra fluffiness created by the sawdust, this also means the material goes further than either dried paper crumb or sawdust on their own.

Costing as little as 9-10 pence per cow, typical daily usage is about two litres per cubicle.

Envirobed production sites are having to run hard to keep up with orders. To match growing demand, new manufacturing facilities are being developed in a number of rural locations – including some farms – around the country, one aim being to keep transport costs as low as possible. The drying techniques are designed to create just the right combination of physical properties: Absorbency, cow comfort and on-cubicle retention.

To find out more about EnviroBed and Premium Blend, please call 01772 860085 and we’ll be happy to advise or send out a large free sample so you can take a look for yourself.


What farmers say about EnviroBed

“We have used EnviroBed for many years and find its high absorbency and staying where it’s put on cubicle beds are vital to maintaining low mastitis incidence and somatic cell counts.” – John Yeoman, Y Farms, Somerset​

“Premium Blend is the best bedding I’ve used for a long time. The cows like it, it stays on the beds and it’s lasting far longer than other bedding products I’ve used before.”– Charles Morley, New House Farm, Derbyshire 

Neil Bellerby farms near Northallerton. Milking 250 dairy cows is a big enough work load for any family but put 1000 dairy goats into the mix and you have the ultimate commitment to milk production. He says:
 “Envirobed has been used in the cows cubicles for several years. Beds are renewed every three days during the winter and after milking they are scraped off at the back and fresh Envirobed dragged from the front of the bed to replenish it.“We want to create the same dry and comfortable environment for both the cows and the goats so that we benefit from a high standard of welfare and animal health.”

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