FYM Booster


Feed the microorganisms naturally present in FYM using this precise formulation created by microbiologists.

Everyone in livestock farming knows that one of the main differences between fresh and well-rotted manure is the smell. One can be strong and borderline offensive, the other is a more earthy compost-like odour. Another difference, of course, is time…probably six to 12 months for the rotting process to take place naturally.

It is possible to speed up the decomposition of FYM into a well-rotted compost over a matter of weeks rather than months. The secret is feeding the bacteria and fungi responsible for the rotting process with a supply of readily available macro and micro nutrients.

Very simply, FYM Booster speeds up the multiplication of these microorganisms, which are naturally present in FYM, and raises their metabolic rate.

The result is manure that’s friable and easy to spread, requiring fewer horsepower and burning less diesel; increased bioavailability of plant nutrients; and fewer flies.

This is all possible with the development by EnviroSystems’ microbiologists of FYM Booster in the UK, available in 10-litre drums each one sufficient for treating 100m3 (about 100 tonnes) of FYM.


Mike Crawshaw from North Wales comments; 

“We’ve used it, tested the muck coming out of the shed, then again after we’d added the FYM Booster and stored it.

NP&K were well up and it went into the ground a lot quicker, there was a visible line on the field where the treated muck had been spread.”


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