Septic tank Booster

Helping hands keep septic tanks working and low maintenance

Do you ever spare a thought for your septic tank’s community of many trillions of hard working  inhabitants?

This 24/7 workforce, of course, is made up of good bacteria and lots more micro-organisms. In normal conditions, they digest solids and mop up dissolved ammonia.

But things can go wrong. Chemical disinfectants kill bugs. Waste oil and fat tipped down the kitchen sink settle out as a greasy surface layer, blocking oxygen from dissolving into the contents and stopping the bugs flourishing.

Even without these self-inflicted problems, it is helpful to boost your septic tank’s microbial workforce with many trillions more of bugs selected specially for their vigorous action.

Once their job is done, bugs in the tank’s liquid outflow are naturally biodegradable and good for the soil.

Created by microbiologists…

Formulated by our in-house microbiologists – alongside many years developing similar farming treatments for livestock manures – Septic Tank Booster is precision-formulated with microbial cultures and enzymes to keep your septic tank fresh and flowing, with much reduced maintenance requirement.

Advantages for all

  • Ecologically beneficial, biodegradable liquid outflow
  • Innoffensive earthy odour
  • Much reduced sludge sediment to remove
  • Minimal maintenance
  • Created by specialist ecological microbiologists
  • Tested thoroughly and proven
  • Solves existing problems, prevents future ones


Our Septic tank booster is developed and formulates in the UK by EnviroSystems to ensure the highest quality of materials and production methods are used.

Our Customer Support Team can advise you personally about getting the best effects in your own system. Please call 01772 860085 or email [email protected].



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