SlurryBugs Shift-It

Shift-It has been specifically formulated to liquefy thick crusts under slats and in blocked channels.

SlurryBugs Shift-It is a powerful formulation of freeze-dried bacteria and specific enzymes to keep slurry liquid. Ongoing usage of SlurryBugs Shift-It means narrow channels and channels with minimal fall will work significantly better at delivering slurry into the lagoon. Crust build up in channels causes major handling problems and is a potential breeding site for flies. Keeping the slurry liquid and homogeneous on a day to day basis is vital for efficient slurry handling, nutrient preservation and controlling odour.

For customers, slurry analysis service is available to help bring precision to the way slurry is used as grassland fertiliser, in keeping with the mindset that sees it as a high-value asset. Spreading does not need to be restricted to silage fields either. For more information about what slurry analysis can do you for Envirosystems on 020 8895 6241.

An increasing number of farmers understand how soil health directly affects grass growth and quality; and that this impacts cow health and milk production, which clearly shapes your bank balance and job satisfaction. Surviving and thriving in today’s challenging business environment depends on doing many things well. One of these is making the best use of the farm’s homegrown resources…including slurry.

Do you see it as a valuable asset or costly nuisance? Do you put up with slurry as unavoidable waste material or appreciate its contribution to your farming system?

The farmer here and those below also see the critical role and value of slurry in this BioCircle. In a nutshell, starting with soil:

There is healthy soil and unhealthy soil

Healthy soil:

  • grows more grass with higher nutrient content
  • is alive with microbes and earthworms
  • needs air spaces and water content to keep it alive

Slurry can affect soil health, for better or worse

Crusted slurry can damage your soil by:

  • oxygen depletion
  • increased acidity which disrupts or even kill microbial populations

Crust-free slurry can enhance soil health by:

  • adding good bacteria
  • feeding its microbial life and earthworms

A crust on slurry is not inevitable.

Using SlurryBugs™, lagoons and stores can be managed easily to be crust-free, good for soil health and great for cow productivity.

The remarkable treatment that achieves this employs the same principles as silage inoculants, long proven now as effective aids to making good silage.

SlurryBugs™ is a unique combination of enzymes, friendly bacteria, and secret micronutrient boosters which is developed and formulated in the UK by EnviroSystems. Enzymes break down the crust’s fibre to make nutrients accessible for the bacteria to absorb, fuelling them to multiply many millions of times. Booster micronutrients speed up this process.

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Creating opportunities for current and future generations

If you agree with the farming visionary who once said, that “the land we farm is not ours, we are borrowing it from future generations“, then taking good care of soil health is probably one of the best legacies you can leave.

So, take a look at this one-minute video to see a slurry lagoon transformed from typical crusted surface to what looks like a clear pond in just nine weeks.

The result is a nutrient-rich, free-flowing liquid feed…a kind of home-made Baby Bio® for grassland (a registered trademark of Bayer CropScience Ltd). What started as a fibrous crust has been digested into a nutritious soup, in a similar way to what happens in a cow’s rumen:

  • Thin liquid suits pipelines or all types of slurry tanker

Compared with untreated slurry:

  • absorbed into soil a lot quicker
  • smells much less
  • doesn’t reduce soil pH
  • does feed soil microbes, earthworms and other life forms.
  • No more stirring for several days to break up the crust.
  • Emptying lagoon or store more or less completely becomes the norm.
  • Fully Certified for organic farms by Soil Association and Organic Farmer and Growers.

SlurryBugs is also helping farmers make huge savings on fertiliser costs by capturing nitrogen that would otherwise be lost to the atmosphere as ammonia gas.

To find out more, please call us on 01772 860085 and ask about our research at Lancaster University on slurry nutrient retention and its beneficial impact on soil microbes.

For customers, a FREE slurry analysis service is available to help bring precision to the way slurry is used as grassland fertiliser, in keeping with the mindset that sees it as a high value asset. Spreading does not need to be restricted to silage fields either. Stuart Shepherd explains here how it works well, and quickly, on grazing fields too.

Want to dive into the data? Read the independent SlurryBugs Trial results from Kingshay here.


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