SlurryBugs AUTO-SYSTEM saves time and ensures daily dose

SlurryBugs treatment works best with little and often dosing, weekly at the very least. To make this as easy as possible, a simple automated system is available to dispense daily treatments from ready-to-use drums through a pre-set pump.

More about SlurryBugs….

An increasing number of farmers understand how soil health directly affects grass growth and quality; and that this impacts cow health and milk production, which clearly shapes your bank balance and job satisfaction. Surviving and thriving in today’s challenging business environment depends on doing many things well. One of these is making best use of the farm’s home grown resources…including slurry.

Do you see it as a valuable asset or costly nuisance? Do you put up with slurry as unavoidable waste material or appreciate its contribution to your farming system?


You can see the critical role and value of slurry in this BioCircle. In a nutshell, starting with soil:

There is healthy soil and unhealthy soil

Healthy soil:

  • grows more grass with higher nutrient content
  • is alive with microbes and earthworms
  • needs air spaces and water content to keep it alive

Slurry can affect soil health, for better or worse

If you agree with the farming visionary who once said, that “the land we farm is not ours, we are borrowing it from future generations“, then taking good care of soil health is probably one of the best legacies you can leave.

The SlurryBugs auto system has been developed and formulated by EnviroSystems in the UK ensuring it is made to the highest quality and is consistently tested on farms. It is intended for larger lagoons and farmers that are looking for automated application of the SlurryBugs bacteria. To find out more, call EnviroSystems on 01772 860085.


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