Sand and paper: Best of both worlds

What started as a trickle last winter has become a steady flow of farmers with sand-based cubicle beds making a small but critical adjustment to their systems.

Prompted in the main by having to deal with sediment in slurry, they have turned to using the dried paper with prime sawdust material, EnviroBed Premium, as a surface dressing on top of sand bases.

This retains sand’s qualities for cow comfort, while creating a warmer surface on which they lie down and reducing daily workloads markedly. 

The best bedding I’ve used for a long time. Cows like it, it stays on the beds and lasts longer than other bedding products I’ve used.”

Charles Morley, New House Farm, Derbyshire

Beating the straw shortage (& costs!) in loose housing and calf pens

With thanks to farmers who were willing last winter to pioneer the use of EnviroBed dried paper based bedding in loose housing and calf pens, there is now a sound body of evidence for what works well.

This includes ingenious options for either loose housed sheds or calf pens, some using EnviroBed Premium with straw to make it go further and stay fresh for longer, others EnviroBed only.

If you’re interested in exploring the options for your set up – at no obligation, of course – one of our Farm Support Team can explain them to you. Call 020 8895 624.