OptiSile Silage Additives

OptiSile silage inoculants employ a triple strain bacterial approach to ensure:

  1. Rapid fermentation and protection against bacteria
  2. Protection during storage against mycotoxin fungi
  3. Long term stability once the clamp face is opened and exposed to oxygen

OptiSile has proven effective on many farms, over a wide range of crop types and dry matters in the UK and abroad.


OptiSile Silage Additive Range:

OptiSile® Extra is designed for the treatment of all types of grass silage. The three strains outcompete any invasive bacteria and fungi and work in unison to ensure optimum ensiling of the forage throughout the initial fermentation,…

OptiSile Maize/Wholecrop is designed specifically for treating wholecrop and maize forages and arable silages over a wide range of dry matters.

Shields against mycotoxins

OptiSile inoculants are designed to inhibit spoilage organisms such as listeria and clostridia as well as yeast and mould spores in the early stages of acidification and at the open clamp face and at feed out in the trough.

Mycotoxins are problematic secondary metabolites and are poisonous to ruminants resulting in health problems and costly loss in production and profitability.

OptiSile treatment will defend against yeasts and moulds.

Penicillin mould on silage

Fusarium mould on silage