Q: What secret do some farmers know that others don’t? A: They know about grassland’s BioCircle…and SlurryBugs These are the secrets that turn slurry from costly nuisance to high value, soil improver. They are helping an increasing number of farmers like you to create…

  • Better soil
  • Better grass
  • Better milk production
  • Better cow health
  • A better business tomorrow
  • A better future
  • Healthy slurry is also much less smelly. So another advantage is…
  • Better neighbour relations

SlurryBugs Product Range

The remarkable treatment that achieves this employs the same principles as silage inoculants, long proven now as effective aids to making good silage. SlurryBugs™ is a unique combination of enzymes, friendly  bacteria, and secret micronutrient boosters. Enzymes break down the crust’s fibre to make nutrients accessible for the bacteria to absorb, fuelling them to multiply many millions of times. Booster micronutrients speed up this process.

An increasing number of farmers understand how soil health directly affects grass growth and quality; and that this impacts cow health and milk production, which clearly shapes your bank balance and job satisfaction. Surviving and…

By popular request we have developed the Slurrybugs Shift-It formulation. Even stronger than CrustBuster, this is a biological treatment for liquefying underground tanks and blocked channels - a common problem with slats. Shift-It contains a…

SlurryBugs treatment works best with little and often dosing. To make this as easy as possible, the Slurrybugs AUTO-SYSTEM is a simple automated system which dispenses daily treatments from ready-to-use drums through a pre-set pump.

Designed for cows' feet, suitable for many wounds in more species. EnviroHoof is a non-antibiotic spray for helping the natural repair of wounds in livestock.

While the aerobic bacteria in this inoculant minimize odour and reduce crusting in the store, they also help to retain nitrogen in organic forms that would otherwise be lost to the atmosphere as gasses during mixing and spreading. Some farmers have cut their nitrogen use by up to 70% by making better use of the nutrients in slurry treated with SlurryBugs

How to apply

Mix the recommended amount of SlurryBugs powder with plenty of warm water and leave to stand for 20 minutes. Prior to adding the bugs, it is beneficial to gently aerate the slurry. After the first application, and as more slurry is added to the tank – a regular dose of SlurryBugs additive is required to keep the SlurryBugs bacteria populations high.