Cow comfort pays well

Cow comfort is not only morally sound and good for welfare, it is also profitable.

  • For each extra hour a cow spends lying down, she will produce 1.6 litres of milk
  • No extra feed is needed
  • Extra milk comes from energy saved by lying down rather than standing

So with the right size and design of cubicles, with sound bases and dry, absorbent bedding, your cows will lie down for 12 hours instead of 10 – this can be expected to give 3.2 litres/day more milk.

Here’s how EnviroBed New and EnviroBed Premium can play a part in your cow comfort and profitability…

EnviroBed products combine:

  • high absorbency
  • great comfort
  • superior cleanliness

…for dairy and beef cattle, adults and youngstock alike. Variants suitable for cubicles or loose housing are available. They are made from the waste short fibres from paper recycling, heat treated to create a super-dry bedding material.

A blend of dried waste paper crumb and high grade, screened sawdust made from virgin wood. Stays where put on cubicle beds and compatible with all slurry systems. Very soft and fluffy, easy to dispense,…

100% dried waste paper crumb that stays where it's put on cubicle beds and is compatible with all slurry systems. Very soft and fluffy, easy to dispense, and a little goes a long way.

Working with nature Cobiotex is a microbiological inoculant carried in a hyper-absorbent powder to use once-a-week as a cubicle surface dressing. It dehydrates the area underneath the udder and populates it with probiotic bacteria that…

ComfyCrumb is our semi-dry paper based cow bedding for beef cows and other farm use. It has a dry matter of 50% so can be used as temporary, comfy bedding for beef cows and other…